Liberate Artists Dance Captain 2019/2020

Asher Morgado


Join the Liberate team at Phoenix Fire, be inspired, gain practical knowledge and experience working in the dance industry.

Maureen Gonzales - originally an Apprentice now Liberate Traveling Faculty Member

The Choreographers Apprenticeship Program

Our choreography based assistant training program is for adult dancers and dance educators ages 19+. Held annually at Phoenix Fire, in New York City, participants of this program are called Apprentices.

Apprentices have three roles at Phoenix Fire.
1. Demonstrate and assist celebrity and Phoenix Fire faculty during classes.
2. Participate in assisting Liberate Staff during convention and production management.
3. Be mentored by their choreography mentor, who they will assistant choreograph with for the Phoenix Fire grand finale - our original Broadway style production.
Apprentices will audition, when they arrive, for mentorship, convention management, and class placements. From there, they will learn choreography, which they will perform, at our three opening ceremonies for our programs BLAZE, IGNITE, and SPARK. Afterwards, Apprentices will begin training for their respective convention and production management duties. The first day will conclude with a mentorship ceremony - where all Apprentices are assigned their choreography mentors for the duration of Phoenix Fire.
That was just the first day, and from there, Apprentices will hit the ground running. Read on to learn about the purpose of the program and what to expect.

Program Purpose & Schedule

Our aim is that participants in our Choreographers Apprenticeship Program become a family unit and support network, one that we encourage to be there for you throughout your entire dance career.
This program is designed for hard-working individuals who want to grow as artists and network as choreographers in the dance industry. Liberate Artists takes this program seriously, and in the past, has hired the best and the brightest to join our team. Some alumni of the program, that currently work with Liberate include, Traveling Faculty member Maureen Gonzales, Assistant Road Manager/Phoenix Fire Faculty Member Nicole "Fox" Davis, and Apprentice Coordinator/Phoenix Fire Faculty Member Deion Muse.
Each Apprentice's daily schedule will be individual to them based on the classes, choreographer, and convention management duties they are assigned. 10 days of training is long and will be rigorous. This year, we will be implementing shifts, to balance out the load, so Apprentices are given ample time to train, rest, and recover.
Here is our Apprentice Sample Schedule link for your viewing convenience .

Nicole "Fox" Davis - originally an Apprentice now Liberate Assistant Road Manager & Assistant Director @ PF 2020

Dion Muse - originally an Apprentice now Apprentice Captain & PF Faculty Member

General Program Details

Program Dates: July 22nd - July 31st, 2021 (SOLD OUT) and July 21st - July 30th 2022 (REGISTRATION OPEN)
Program Cost: $475, ($95 per month on our optional 5 month payment plan)
Registration Price Includes:
    • 3 Items of Apprentice Merchandise
    • Choreography Mentorship & Feedback
    • Mock Agent or Casting Director Audition and Feedback
    • Over 50 hours of training
    • Convention Management Training
    • Professional Networking Opportunities  
    • Professional Headshot and Danceshot Session
    • 30% Discount on all Liberate Artists Merchandise  
    • Invitation to our Wrap Party, and so much more....

Program Accommodations

Apprentices in the past have either chosen an individual option or roomed together in creative ways.
Below is a listing of accommodation options Apprentices have chosen in the past. We suggest that you do your research, be safe, and select the option that works best for you.
    • Stayed at our official Phoenix Fire hotel, for $219++ per night (either individually or with fellow Apprentices). Booking available summer of 2020.
    • Booked an Airbnb and commuting together (NYC or NJ):
    • Rented an apartment through the Facebook group 'Gypsy Housing'
    • Stayed with a friend in NYC or NJ
  • Please note: once registration is completed we will provide you a listing of the other Apprentices contact information to make shared accommodation arrangements possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to our 2019 Phoenix Fire Apprentices namely, Destinee, Korryn, Bailey, Kennadi, Hannah, Aisha, Jeffery, Cassie, Lynsey and Jasón. Plus not pictured but equally awesome Faith & Sydney.


To join us this summer, please follow the steps below.
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