Phoenix Fire '21 Awards

Since we started Liberate Artists has been threaded in providing equitable and inclusive dance experiences. 2020 has been difficult for us all, and even as we ourselves continue to push forward after not having any large experiences since 2019, we still want to do everything in our power to support dancers. Introducing our 2021 Phoenix Fire Awards and Scholarships. Learn more below and if you are inspired donate to Always, Enough Foundation to continue breaking the economic barriers to access for all kids in performing arts education! All scholarships at Liberate Artists are based on need and how dancers show up and show out in the classroom and out. Talent is subjective, kindness is objective. All scholarships and awards will be announced during the Purple Showcase at Phoenix Fire on July 31st 2021. Purchase tickets here.

$650 Scholarship to Focus '22 in LA

Focus is our commercial dance intensive in Los Angeles, California. Where we hire a recording artist and film a music video. Faculty for 2021 include Kaycee Rice, Will Bell, and the music video is directed and choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance Winner, Lauren Froderman.

Learn more about Focus, here!

'22 Apprentice Invitations

Apprentices are dancers, choreographers, and educators 18+ who assist our faculty and staff at Phoenix Fire and Focus in NY or LA. Accepted by invite or audition only learn more about The Apprentice Program here. We'll be announcing '22 Apprentices at our Purple showcase.

'21-'22 Liberate Artists Dance Captain Invitations

Our Liberate Artists Dance Captain Program has been around since we started Liberate Artist but the program has recently received a makeover. For dancers 13+ by audition only, we're very proud of the Liberate Artists Dance Captain Program we have created. Learn more about it here:

The KA Scholarships

These are 50% off scholarships to attend Phoenix Fire Spark, Phoenix Fire Ignite, Phoenix Fire Blaze, or Focus (in Los Angeles). These scholarships will be awarded to dancers who embody the three "KA's" in studio and out.

Kind • Compassionate • Caring

More Than Enough Scholarships

For dancers who express a passion and joy for community we're hosting a free virtual or in person(if we are in your area) guest class at your home studio!

The Patricia A. Woodward Inspiration Award

Named after our Liberate Artists Founder/Creative Director's mentor Patricia A. Woodward this award is a need based, kindness based scholarship where we pay for a dancer's entire tuition of one year at their home studio. This is for the dancer that embody's all the things we believe in at Liberate Artists INC and this is our most exceptional award at Liberate Artists INC. This year we're adding to this award and the recipient of the Patricia A. Woodward Inspiration Award will also receive:

• Full Tuition Scholarship to Phoenix Fire Ignite

• Liberate Artists Signature Tee

• Brand Ambassador for Liberate Artists INC

This award will be presented by our 2019-2020 Patricia A. Woodward Inspiration Award Winner Kyleigh! Complete the application for our Inspiration Award by July 28th 2021! Application below.

Submit the written application and a 2-3 minute video that shows how you embody who we are and what we do at Liberate Artists INC. At Liberate Artists INC. we value dancers who are good humans in society. Dancers who care about their community and folks in it. Show us who you are as a dancer and a human being. Please upload the link to an unlisted video on YouTube for submission.

Additional Surprise Scholarships Will Be Awarded At Phoenix Fire '21!!!!