Blaze 2021 Application & Plan Registration

Thank you for considering our Phoenix Fire Blaze program, this 8 day schedule will run July 24th - July 31st, 2021.
This is a special application & 10 month payment plan registration for dancers who would like to apply for a place on the Blaze 2021 program because they have not yet been invited.
Please note: If you dancer is under the age of 12 it is unlikely the will be accepted on the Blaze program.
In addition to completing this application and registration form, please ensure you submit your dancers video explaining why they love dance and why they would like a place on the Blaze program. Videos should be submitted via email to
If successful the Monthly Payment Plan will begin and repeat on the same day of the month approval is given (usually 7 days after submission).
If unsuccessful the Monthly Payment Plan will be placed on hold whilst we gather more information and discuss our decision and options.
If this is an additional registration for the brother or sister of a dancer already registered you may select the sibling drop down registration option to allow a $250 discount.
Scholarship codes if applicable may be entered on the next page.

 Additional points to note:

  • We have a strict no refund policy on all payments. This is detailed in our terms and conditions which you must agree to along with all other waivers when registering.
  • There is a mandatory tee purchase required for the showcase (Approx. $40 each).
  • Tickets for the showcase will be an additional cost for parents and all non-dancers (Approx. $85 per ticket).
  • Other costs for dance wear (non mandatory), meals, travel and accommodation etc are not included but will likely be incurred.