Liberate Artists is a dance and performing arts organization that builds confidence and promotes social growth in young people. We create magical and momentous dance experiences and performances in brave, inclusive, non-competitive environments that remind everyone that YOU ARE ENOUGH, exactly as you are, in the skin and body you are in. We are not a dance competition or convention (though we do support the dance competitions and conventions that are safe, equitable, and inclusive) and we kindly ask you to leave the competitiveness at the door.

What do you mean you are not a convention or competition? 

Here at Liberate Artists, we create non-competitive environments. We believe all dancers thrive when given the opportunity to! We welcome all dancers to participate in our safe, equitable, and inclusive environment.

What is Phoenix Fire?

Phoenix Fire is our magical and momentous New York City experience held every year in July. Dancers take classes, attend talkbacks, have rehearsals, and make lasting friendships, all in the heart of NYC. The week culminates in our original Broadway-style show in an NYC theatre.

What's the difference between Ignite and blaze?

Phoenix Fire: IGNITE is our most popular program of 6 days and medium intensity. It's the perfect combination of intense training with our Faculty and Healiners, but also having the benefit of free evenings to enjoy all the fun of NYC. Dancers receive classes and training, attend talkbacks, and are the ensemble roles to our Broadway-style production.  Ignite is open to all dancers ages 5-18 and a typical day for Ignite is 9 am - 5 pm.

Phoenix Fire: BLAZE is is our 8-day program by invite or audition-only. This program is for dancers who thrive in vigorous environments and are attending Phoenix Fire exclusively to train, network, and build long-lasting friendships. This is our most intense program, geared towards students wanting to take their development and skills as an artists to the next level. Dancers get all the benefits of Ignite, in addition to extra activities like our lip sync battle, a photoshoot, Broadway cabaret, and more! All Blaze dancers audition and are cast in featured roles in our Broadway-style production, which is performed on the last day of the program.  A typical day for Blaze is 9 am - 9 pm.


What scholarships are available? 

We believe dance education is for all, no matter your level of economic freedom, so here at Liberate Artists we provide a variety of scholarships to families. For Phoenix Fire, we offer $500 scholarships to both Blaze and Ignite programs. At the closing showcase we award additional scholarships which include $750 scholarships to Focus, our Los Angeles commercial based experience, partial scholarships to Velocity Dance Convention, our Patricia A. Woodward Inspiration Scholarship where we award one dancer free tuition at their home studio for one year, our Anita Mann Bright Futures Award which supports underrepresented college-aged students of economic need that are currently or will be enrolled in college or university dance program, just to name a few!

How does my dancer win a scholarship?

We award scholarships in a variety of ways. One way to receive a scholarship is by attending Phoenix Fire or Focus. We also award scholarships at our in-studio experiences and through your home studio through recital scholarships.

Where is Phoenix Fire 2023? 

Phoenix Fire 2023 will be held at the InterContinental Times Square, 300 W. 44th Street, NY NY 10036

When is Phoenix Fire 2023? 

Phoenix Fire: IGNITE July 24th - July 29th

Phoenix Fire: BLAZE July 22nd - July 29th

Does the registration fee include housing?

The registration fee covers for the dancer to attend and participate at Phoenix Fire 2022. Liberate Artists has a group rate set up at The InterContinental Times Square, where Phoenix Fire takes place. You can click this link, to book your hotel directly.

Are there any other added expenses at Phoenix Fire for my dancer besides my registration fee?

All dancers are required to purchase a mandatory Phoenix Fire t-shirt which is $40. We also ask dancers to provide costumes for certain pieces in the closing production, however we are a “shop your closet” organization, meaning the items we ask for are things you can typically find in your closet or perhaps borrow from a family member or a friend.

what other expenses should i be aware of? 

Phoenix Fire has additional add-ons open to all families! Monday July 25th we have a Cabaret open to all families (Blaze dancers receive 2 free tickets included in their registration). We also offer merchandise onsite and a photo/video package families can take advantage of. A limited number of observation passes are also available to purchase. In addition, tickets to the closing show on Saturday July 30th may be purchased.

What is the DEEA Safety Tipline?

We partner with our sibling organization, Dance Education Equity Association, to ensure that our experiences are always growing to be safer, more equitable, and more inclusive. Our teaching artists go through training to reduce the risk of harm and we utilize the DEEA Safety Tipline as a resource for safety. It’s an anonymous (if you’d like) tipline where folks can submit any instances of harm they may have endured at a Liberate Artists experience. This tipline was created to reduce the risk of harm from bullying, racism, discrimination, othering, and abuse of any kind. We’ve implemented policies, inspired by transformative justice practices, to work with students who have been harmed and/or causing harm. For more information click here, or you can reach us at (213) 667-0125


My dancer received a PF Spark scholarship but I don’t see any information about that program, now what?

After summer 2022 we decided to retire the PF Spark program. For any family that has a Spark scholarship, we are honoring the scholarship and adding another $250 towards it making it a $500 Scholarship for PF Ignite. Ignite is our 6-day program of medium intensity for dancers 5-18.