You Are Enough

Liberate Artists Dance Captain 2019/2020

Asher Morgado


Join the Liberate team on the road, be inspired and learn what it takes to work in the dance industry.

The LADC Training Program

A unique training opportunity for dancers who want to dive into the professional world of dance.

Only 10 places are available for dancers to join and work alongside our Liberate Faculty & Celebrity Headliners on the road during the 2020/2021 season.

This by audition only program is open to dancers ages 12+ participating in the Blaze program at Phoenix Fire 2020.

Applicants will be hand picked after successfully completing a series of challenges at Phoenix Fire 2020 to earn their spot as a 2020/2021 Liberate Artists Dance Captain (LADC).

Challenges will fall under three categories:

      • Choreography
      • Confidence
      • Leadership

All dancers who apply to the LADC program will automatically be considered for the LADCIT program. Most first year LADC auditions will be admitted to the LADCIT program for additional training, prior to re-auditioning and progressing to the LADC program.

Dancers may only apply to be a 2020/2021 LADC with full studio approval and support.

Please note: LADC Training is supplementary to studio based training. Studio commitments must take precedence before fulfilling LADC or LADCIT requirements.

The Complete Package

The 2020/2021 LADC Training Program has been packaged to include all necessary registrations, merchandise and media requirements.

The following is included in the registration price:

      • LADC Photoshoot at Phoenix Fire 2020
      • Registration for the Blaze program at Phoenix Fire 2021 (Est value $2,399)
      • Registration for the LADC Los Angeles Training Weekend with Liberate Celebrity & Traveling Faculty.
      • The opportunity to assist Liberate Artists on the road at a minimum of 3 Liberate Experiences.
      • Liberate Faculty Mentorship and Support for the duration of the dancers time as an LADC.
      • Social & Digital Media Training.
      • The Official LADC Uniform (consisting of two LADC shirts) for use at Liberate Experiences (additional gear will be available for purchase).
      • Significant Registration Discounts to any additional Liberate Artists Productions that may be announced.

The Commitment

The LADC Training Program requires a financial commitment of $2995 (10 Month Payment Plans will be available at $299.50 per month).

The registration price factors in our largest discounts and so no scholarships or further reductions are applicable.

Additional Financial & Mandatory Attendance Commitments

      • Attendance of the LADC and guardian at the LADC Training Weekend, October 9th - 11th 2020 in Los Angeles, plus the cost of all related travel, accommodations & meal costs incurred.
      • A day ticket purchase to Universal Studios Hollywood during the LADC Training Weekend (Est Cost $109-$129)
      • Attendance of the LADC and guardian at a minimum of three Liberate Experiences on the road during the 2020-2021 season plus the cost of all related travel, accommodations & meal costs incurred.
      • Attendance of the LADC and guardian in NYC at Phoenix Fire 2021 whilst on the Blaze Program plus the cost of all related travel, accommodations & meal costs incurred.
      • Adherence to the social media and studio commitment guidelines

Steps to Apply

1. Register for this year Blaze program at Phoenix Fire 2020

2. Submit your 2020/2021 LADC Application by clicking on the Apply link below.

3. Get studio owner permission and support by requesting they fill out our Studio Approval Form. (This will be provided in 2020 after receiving the LADC Application)