Original Broadway Style Theater Production


For our Phoenix Fire Production: The Last 12 Months Of Our Lives!

THE GREEN SHOWCASE: 2-3:15PM, $35.00 per ticket

THE PURPLE SHOWCASE: 6-7:30PM, $45 per ticket

The Show

We are expecting a sell out year for our newly written original Phoenix Fire 2021 showcase.

All dancers will be participating in each showcase which promise to be extra special this year. Learn more about The Last 12 Months Of Our Lives below!


The Riverside Theater

91 Claremont Ave, New York, NY 10027

Located inside the historical Riverside Church where artists such as John Legend, Alvin Ailey, and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. even held the pulpit.

You will need to arrange your own transportation (uber, cab, subway etc) from the hotel to the theater for the rehearsal and performance on Sunday, July 31st 2021.

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The Details

Due to Covid-19 we will be hosting two Phoenix Fire Showcases this year theTHE GREEN SHOWCASE and THE PURPLE SHOWCASE.

The theatre requires that the audience be separated by vaccination status. Audience members who are vaccinated will be required to bring proof of vaccination and will be assigned seats in one area of the theatre and those who are not vaccinated will be required to sit in another part of the theatre. All audience members will be required to wear masks. Children under 3 years old may attend for free. Dress code is clothing that makes you feel good!

THE GREEN SHOWCASE: 2-3:15PM, $35.00 per ticket

THE PURPLE SHOWCASE: 6-7:30PM, $45 per ticket

*Please note, the Purple Show's price is different because it includes the memorandums of the 2021 experience, our Liberate Artists Dance Captain celebration, and our preeminent award jubilee where we'll announce our 2021-2022 Patricia A. Woodward Inspiration Award recipient, who will have their dance fees paid for, by Liberate Artists, for an entire year at their home studio.